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Translator EN > French, German, Dutch, Polish or Spanish for European filmproject (volunteer or internship)

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The Golden Wall

In 2016 28 students from the 28 EU member states debated during The Golden Wall conference about OPEN BORDERS en the correlations with the EU. The conference happened outdoor in Serbia (non-EU) at the border with Hungary, with the recently constructed wall in the background. The round table conference was recorded 360° and presented to the audience into an 360° video installation that translated the conference into a walkthrough audiovisual experience. This video installation was part of an exposition at the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels BOZAR in May 2016.

The conference and video installation was organised and supported by following project partners: BOZAR, VGC, Powerty, Unica-network, ESN Serbia, EU InfoPoint and the International Association of Universities.

More info about the full project in 2016:

After the succesful happening of the conference and video installation in 2016 we are going to transform the 360° video installation into an accessible and easy to spread DVD format with an accompanied leaflet. With this DVD we want to further spread and share the valuable arguments and findings of the students about many topics concerning the EU and OPEN BORDERS during the conference. With the help of our project partners we are aiming at European and international universities and educational centres. To make the DVD extra accessible we would like to add subtitles in as much languages as we can. The main focus are subtitles in English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch. But we would also like to add subtitles in Russian, Turkish, Chinese/Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic, etc.


To make the subtitles for the DVD, we first need a good translation from the English spoken 15 minutes compilation edit from the conference and video installation.

For this translation we are looking for help to:

- Adapt the spoken English into an English text.
- Translate the English text into Dutch or French or German or Spanish or Polish or ... (or any other EU official language)
- Translate the English text into Russian or Chinese/Mandarin or Japanese or Turkish or Arabic or ... (or any other international language)

All depends on your availabilities and capacities. Meetings will be held in Brussels so we are looking in first instance for Brussels based candidates.

A small workspace can be aranged in Brussels but working mobile or from home is possible if prefered.

Startdate: As soon as possible


You are a voluntary translator/interpreter or student translator/interpreter looking for a short internship.

You have a Bachelor degree as a translator/interpreter of or you have equivalent skills acquired by proven experience.

You share the objectives of our organization and the project;

You have a certain feeling for the content of the project and in general EU topics;

You are communicative, curious, creative and have a sense of initiative;

You can work autonomously, but also appreciates teamwork;

We offer

A dynamic and educational environment.
An open minded and multicultural atmosphere.
Be part of an enthousiastic team of volunteers and filmmakers.
Contribute to a unique and original European arstistic filmproject.
Significant autonomy while working under supervision and guidance of an experienced team member.
Real responsibility, your work will have a direct and noticeable impact on the success and accessibility of the project in the future.
Time flexibility.
Non-remunerated but all necessary costs will be refunded correctly.

We are looking for candidates that are able to become part of the team as soon as possible
Mail your short motivation lettre and CV to

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