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Visualisation & management of Kubernetes in a Virtual World on the Web

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Kubernetes, Virtual Reality, WebVR, Visualisation, Kinect, Leap Motion


The student(s) should, preferably, have a basic knowledge of javascript, WebVR and an interest in Kubernetes.

This internship project consists of visualising a Kubernetes Cluster as a Virtual Reality.

The goal is to create a Virtual Reality World representing a Kubernetes Cluster, enabling you to intuitively understand, monitor, and control your containerized, microservices based application.

The VR experience should be real-time and interactive, meaning updates in the cluster will immediately be visualized in the 3D world.

WebVR technologies will make VR available in your browser, what will make it easier for everyone to get into the VR experience, no matter what device is used. Multiple input devices, such as VR Controllers, Kinect, Leap Motion or Myo can be combined to enable some useful interaction in the cluster.

Interactions such as starting and stopping pods, viewing metadata or logs of the running processes can be enabled with technologies such as VR Controllers, Kinect, Leap Motion and/or Myo.

A back-end application should be developed that monitors the Kubernetes cluster and provide the useful information to the WebVR frontend. This information is used to create visual effects in the
Virtual World.

What would would be nice to visualise?
Deployments with their ReplicaSets and their Pods
Pod resource usage (cpu, memory)
Pod interactions (network)

This internship project is sponsored by the ToThePoint subgroup of the Cronos group. We expect the student not to be afraid of tackling a challenging programming task.

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