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Wall of Life

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• Hardware (Raspberry Pi’s, Arduino, Wemos, Sensors, …)
• Stream processing (Kafka)
• IoT (Sensor data collection and processing)
• Software development
• Software architecture


The student(s) should, preferably, have a basic knowledge of electronics, sensor data collection and processing, streams.

Last year, during one of our internship projects, a video wall a.k.a. “The Wall of Fame” was created: a wall built with a series of RGB gaming keyboards.

On this wall, it is now possible to display images and videos by streaming the images to the Intel NUC, which is responsible for driving the keyboards.

The goal of this internship is to add an extra level of interactivity to the wall. Various sensors should be added to it and, all combined, provide a stream of captured data.
A back-end application should be developed that consumes the stream, processes it, and extracts the useful information from it. This information is used to create visual effects on
the wall.

Previously, key presses on the keyboards were being ignored. Now, they should be captured just like the sensor information and add extra data to the stream. A drawing mode is added to the wall where it is possible to create drawings on the keyboards by literally pressing the pixels a.k.a. keys.

If time allows, an integration is to be made with the arcade cabinet data stream. An already existing stream of all the data generated on the ToThePoint arcade cabinet. The button
presses and game events should be visualized on the wall of fame.
All these extra interactive data should transform the existing Wall of Fame in an interactive Wall of Life. Driven by interactions in the nearby presence of the wall.

This internship project is sponsored by the ToThePoint subgroup of the Cronos group. Ideally the project should be done by two students (possibly using pair programming). We expect the students not to be afraid of tackling a challenging programming task.

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